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Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? You are not alone – we are here to help you.

Cheerful senior woman talking on cell phoneGrieving the loss of a loved one is not easy – it is an emotional and painful experience. Grief is a natural reaction to loss that can include a variety of feelings, such as grief, fatigue, anger, depression, trouble sleeping and eating, and an inability to focus – all of which deserve care and attention At St. Joseph’s Care Hospice Services, Inc., we offer Bereavement Support to family members for 13 months following the loss of their loved one.

Our Bereavement Support services include:

  • Bereavement Counseling
  • Periodic Phone Calls
  • Specialized Newsletters
  • Support Groups
  • Annual Memorial Service
  • Regular “Check-In” Letters
  • Community Referrals

You Are Not Alone
During this difficult time, please know that you are not alone. For service arrangements, Set An Appointment now. If you have other questions, contact us at 760-294-5796.